April 16, 2021 in HVAC

Put Your Stimulus Check and Tax Return to Good Use

sample of a/c compressor setup outside, maintenance

Now is a great time to replace that old, noisy, inefficient A/C unit and add value, comfort and piece of mind to your home.

Did you know?

On average about 75% of your electric bill in the summer is coming from your A/C unit. If you were to replace an old 10 SEER unit with just the minimum standard of 14 SEER you would save 20% on your A/C portion of your electric bill. You could get up to 30% with a middle of the road 16 SEER unit and up to 40% plus by going with a high efficiency 18 or 20 SEER unit. 

Why go high efficiency?

SAVINGS: If you plan on being in your house for more than 10 years a high efficiency unit is for you. High efficiency units will pay for themselves over time because of the instant energy savings as well as a lifetime warranty on the compressor! As long as you own the home you will never have to spend money on replacing the unit. 

NOISE: High efficiency units have variable speed compressors that can adjust how much energy they use based on need. This makes for a much quieter experience inside the home as well as outside. The indoor blower motor is also variable so that it can ramp up and down based on need. On average about 80% during the run time the unit will be operating in low speed to maintain your desired temperature. It’s quieter, more comfortable and uses less energy. 

REBATES: SRP offers rebates for installing high efficiency equipment up to $1125.00 for qualifying systems. 

Why now?

OLD FREON: Most units that are 10+ years old run off R22 freon. Starting back in January 2020 the EPA banned production of R22. The servicing of systems with R-22 will rely on recycled or stockpiled quantities which means that the price of R22 will continue to skyrocket. In most cases repairing an R22 unit is not economical. Replacement just makes more sense. 

SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES: Due to the recent winter weather many distributors could not get units delivered to warehouses across the country which is showing up as shortages of equipment on our end. Similarly Covid-19 has played a role in the distribution and availability of units. Right now our supplier has a good stock of units that we recommend, but we cannot guarantee that the supply will be good throughout the year. As the warmer weather approaches the demand will go up so making a decision now can save you having to wait later. 




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