January 20, 2023 in HVAC

Replacing Your A/C Unit? Why the Installer Matters.

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When replacing an air conditioning unit in your home, you may be tempted to go for the cheapest option. However, the installer matters just as much as the unit itself. An experienced technician will make sure your system is installed correctly and runs optimally, while a novice can cause costly damage or put your family’s safety at risk. Here’s why it’s important to opt for a qualified technician when replacing your A/C unit.

Knowledge of Codes and Safety Regulations

Professional HVAC technicians understand codes and safety regulations that must be followed when installing any system in your home. Local codes often dictate how systems are installed and what materials are used, so an experienced installer will have knowledge of the current regulations and be able to ensure that all installations meet the necessary requirements.

Knowledge of Equipment Specifications

Different types of equipment need to be installed with specific guidelines for optimal operation. If not installed correctly, performance can suffer or worse yet, a malfunction can occur causing a breakdown or even worse – a fire hazard! Professional installers understand how each type of HVAC equipment should be installed in order to maximize its efficiency and reliability.

Proper System Charging  Refrigerant charging is an integral part of the installation process which requires accurate measurements during the installation process; too little refrigerant can cause poor cooling performance while too much can damage internal components leading to premature failure of the compressor or other components. It’s best left up to a professional who has experience measuring these charges accurately – something only gained through training and experience.  Additionally, experienced installers also know how to properly set-up humidity controls so they work together with other components in the system for maximum comfort control year round.

Conclusion: When shopping around for an A/C unit replacement, it’s important to not only consider price but also who is installing it. Make sure you hire someone who has significant experience with HVAC units so that you know your system is being safely and correctly installed according to code, maximizing its efficiency and reliability throughout its lifetime! And remember – if you want it done right, trust an expert!



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